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El Tio Matacigüeñas I y II 

Todos los alojamientos
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HISTORY - How it all began ...

The name of the house comes from an old owner, Ambrosio Orden, who was born around the year 1850. He was mainly dedicated to sheep grazing; he also was guard of the municipal term of Cidones. He was a laborious man, famous for his suits which made and sewed himself, and for his use of the sling with the left. Once there was a stork in the tower of the church, and spurred by bets around him, loaded sling, he indicated, and the stork was down. They say that the fine was up a wooden cart to build the town hall building.  From this story it took the name of Uncle Matacigueñas, and lived in this house until he died when he was 30 years old.    This story was told to us by our grandfather, Leoncio Gomez, one of the many who have made possible today the house has changed so much.


The facade was like this.


The fireplace was like this





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